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Feature Friday

Feature Friday No.2

Feature Friday No.2 2

Happy Friday friends! Here’s this week’s wrap-up:

MWF Series: A week or so ago, I launched a new Monday-Wednesday-Friday series on my Instagram/blog! I needed a way to hold myself accountable for more consistent content, and it’s fun to come up with different things every week!
Monday – “Get To Know Me Monday” where, on Instagram, I’m sharing a new fact about me that you might not know, and I am encouraging you to share the same with me! Last week it was my favorite place to repeat-travel, and you guys had some great ones as well!
Wednesday – “Wellness Wednesday”. I am in no way a wellness coach/professional/expert, but I do spend a large portion of my time honing in on what makes me feel the best inside and out, and I want to share those things with you. I started with my pre-flight skincare routine and this week I made sure I was taking time to get outside for some fresh air and vitamin D for at least 10 min. All of these will be saved to a “Wellness Wed” highlight on my Instagram.
Friday – you’re here reading my Friday series! Every Friday I’ll do a roundup of things I was loving or inspired by that week. I genuinely enjoy sharing the things that I’m doing/reading/eating that are enhancing my life so maybe they can do the same for you.

IGTV Hair Tutorial: over the years, I’ve gotten a few inquiries online and in real life about how I curl my hair, and I finally did a tutorial! I don’t know why it took me so long, but now you have it.

Feature Friday No.2 3

Los Tres Gallos Restaurant Cabo: I will, of course, be doing a full Cabo restaurant guide, but I wanted to highlight this one for now. On our third night, we didn’t have a dinner plan, so we got online to do a little research and my friend Elizabeth sent us this one. I briefly looked at the photos of the ambience (I was less concerned about what the food looked like because I’m happy with Mexican food in literally any form), and it looked cute enough and we could walk to it, SOLD.
What a pleasant surprise. Minus dinner on our last night (on the side of a cliff), this was my favorite meal experience. The outdoor space is so beautiful and every detail paid attention to, every drink was in the top 10 drinks I’ve ever had, and then there was the food (insert heart eyes emoji). I can’t recommend this hidden gem enough.

Ruston Kelly: It’s hard to find new music that you want to listen to over and over, but when you do, it’s the best thing ever. Ruston Kelly is a Nashville singer-songwriter (married to Kasey Musgraves, which I literally just found out 30 seconds ago), and I stumbled on his music on Spotify, and have had “Mockingbird” on repeat.

Feature Friday No.2 4

The Barn BNB Walla Walla: I’m also working on my Walla Walla guide, but wanted to bring attention to this place first. I might even do a separate blog post on this BNB alone, ’cause it was that good.

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