Feature Friday No. 1 1
Feature Friday

Feature Friday No. 1

Rainy Day Essentials with Everlane – see the post here

Welcome to Feature Friday!

I’ve done a few variations of this in the past, but in my efforts to be more consistent with my content, I’m going to be doing a weekly roundup every Friday of things I’ve been loving from what I ate, read, saw, listened to – anything that moved me over the week that I think you should know about will be featured in my “Feature Friday” post.

So here is what I am:

Listening to: Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert Podcast: my favorite kinds of podcasts are just conversations between people. I’ve fallen in love with Dax Shepard’s warm spirit and perspective on life, being 14 years sober, still going to AA, he applies what he’s learned there to all aspects of his life. And he’s coming to do a live show in Seattle on my birthday and I snagged tickets!!! I couldn’t be more excited.

Eating: What’s Gaby Cooking is one of my favorite food bloggers. I have her first cookbook, and it’s great, but to be honest, I find myself making more recipes from her website than her book. I think the thing she is best at is dressings and sauces. I can’t get enough of this Kale Taco Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette. Instead of corn, I used quinoa, and I added this Easy Mexican Shredded Chicken, but I used chicken breasts instead of thighs.

Feature Friday No. 1 2

Wearing Every Day: These Mejuri earrings. I’ve been lusting after all things Mejuri for awhile and I picked these beautiful small hoops that go with everything, and I even put them on with my sweats.

Visiting: Roslyn, WA. Or, for my Northern Exposure fans, Cicely, Alaska. My dad lives in Eastern, WA and we took a little afternoon trip over there and wandered the cute street(s).

Feature Friday No. 1 3

Working on: Consistency. Welcome to post number one of that venture.

Using (almost) every day: Amika dry shampoo. I really liked the way the Living Proof Dry Shampoo was working for me, but it seems like I need to switch it up every so often and I bought the Amika on a whim, and I’m loving it.

Planning: Summer travel! I’m headed to Cabo next week with a few friends, I’ll of course be in Montana multiple times over the next few months, and my family and I are going to Tanzania, Africa in August and I couldn’t be more excited.

Inspired by: Other people being creative. And the notion that when I look back on my life someday, the only way I could possibly fail would be to not try everything I’m inspired to try. The “successes” and “failures” of it all won’t be relevant; it will just be, “Did I do that thing, or not?”

Happy Friday friends!

Feature Friday No. 1 4
Photo by Michele Equitz

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