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If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you’re probably familiar with ReachNow, Seattle and Portland’s BMW and Mini car sharing service. I use Reach all the freaking time when I have to take my car into get serviced and I have errands to run or if I’m going to get drinks with friends and I want to be able to drive there, but not have to worry about driving my car back. The option to park it and walk away from it is ideal.

What’s even more ideal is the new Ride feature. What sets it apart from other ride-share services is (my personal favorite), no surge pricing! It’s so frustrating when you need to get somewhere at the end of the day, or after a concert, and they’ve jacked up the prices because of demand. ReachNow Ride won’t do that to you! (This was so helpful on New Year’s Eve when we were afraid we would be paying so much extra just to get around safely). They also offer Voss water in every car, charging cables for whatever phone you might have, and you can set your radio station through the app ahead of time, or hit ‘”Quiet Mode” if you just want some time to yourself on your ride.

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Each car is clearly marked with the ReachNow logo, and you’ll always get picked up by a BMW 3-Series or a BMW X1, so you’re always riding in style.

BONUS: I know all of us in Seattle are wondering how we’re going to get around when they completely close the Alaskan Way viaduct on January 11th, before the tunnel opens. It’s highly encouraged that we utilize our public transportation system, and you’ll be given a $3 credit every time you use ReachNow that starts or ends at a qualifying transit hub from January 7-February 15.

EXTRA BONUS: Use code RidewithBrittany for a discount! Enter it into the Promos tab in your ReachNow app.

Happy RIDEing!

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Thanks to ReachNow for partnering on this post.

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