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As promised, I’m continuing with my “Life Lately” series! Not too much has changed, but the details are ever-evolving, right?

So here’s what I’m:

Eating: less carbs! I needed to be doing something different with my diet, and while I eat fairly healthy on a regular basis, I wanted something a little more strict to follow for awhile (because those chips at happy hour add up), but that wasn’t anything too drastic. So I decided to not eat carbs after noon. I still have my toast with my eggs, and I might have a medium to low-carb-filled lunch, but after that, I’m done for the day. I’m not getting crazy and eliminating fruit or anything like that – just the obvious ones like bread, crackers, chips, etc. **I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now (not including my trip to Iceland), and I can already tell a difference in my body.

Reading: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***“. I’ve been wanting to read this book for awhile and it was at our Airbnb in Reykjavik, so I thought I would start it. I couldn’t put it down and now need to purchase it for myself. Also, Kathleen Flinn’s “Kitchen Counter Cooking School.” I read her first book and am loving the perspective on this one.

Wearing on repeat: My new Adidas tennis shoes, and anything with big buttons. I just bought this dress, I’m about to purchase this shirt, and this skirt.

Inspired by: People who are constantly stepping outside their comfort zones.

Doing before bed: I recently switched up my skin care routine because my face had a little freak-out and I needed something more than the basic stuff I was using. I just got the Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser paired with the Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner and I love them both. Neither are too harsh, but both very effective.

Listening to: Leon Bridges “Beyond” – but who isn’t.. And the new Lake Street Dive album.

Working on: Changing my mentality toward eating healthy/working out. I’ll be doing a full blog post on this soon, but I’m trying to relax a little bit around both of these things and be easy with myself.

Trying to stop: Spending money blindly. I’ve never been much of a budgeter. I kind of just live my life and hope for the best and then end up feeling like I’m in college the last week of every month, eating top ramen or going to my mom’s for dinner more than usual (thank god we live so close to each other). I dove deep into my finances last month and figured out how much I need to spend on bills, etc. and how much I realistically have left over to do the things I want to do/buy the things I want to buy. It really helped! (Obviously).

Planning: Road trip across the west/southwest, trips to Mexico City and Northern Italy.

Appreciating: My life. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day BS. But life is pretty darn good.

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