Nighttime Skincare Lineup 1

Nighttime Skincare Lineup

I’ve always loved makeup and beauty products, but as I get older, having a good skincare regimen is almost more exciting to me. I have fairly oily/combination skin that is a little blemish prone, so I have to fight the urge to be constantly trying new things because my skin is much happier with a steady routine.

Everything I’m loving right now:

Burt’s Bees cleansing wipes – I was finding other brands were making me break out, and I need to start with a makeup remover since my face wash doesn’t take it all off, and I’m loving these!

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser – I’m such a fan of everything Indie Lee! This is a very gentle, great smelling cleanser that my skin has been very happy with.

Indie Lee COQ-10 lotion – a toner is so important, and this has been my go-to after I cleanse to get that last layer of dirt/makeup off so my skin is super fresh.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer – this stuff is super thick and has been great for the winter/transitional season we’re in right now. I put it on before bed, and also apply a thin layer on top of my sunscreen in the morning before I do my makeup. It’s a great layer between my face and my makeup products.

Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil – Since I have oily skin, I was so afraid of face oils, but really, your skin needs the hydration, or it overcompensates by producing more oil. This has been great to wear at night for extra moisture, and has also helped clear up my skin a little!

Laneige Lip Mask – this has been an absolute game changer for my dry lips. The air is getting better now that it’s spring time, but whenever my lips are dry, I apply a thin layer of this before bed and they are baby soft in the morning! And it helps that it literally smells/tastes like a Starburst.

Tea Tree Oil – I got mine at Trader Joe’s. This has been great for problem areas on my face. I don’t put it everywhere, I just take a Q-tip and apply it to specific blemishes, and it (usually) clears them right up!

What products are you loving right now?? I literally think you cannot have enough good skincare products, so I’m always looking for new ones to try (once I exhaust my current rotation).

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