Inspired by Kim K 7

Inspired by Kim K

Inspired by Kim K 8

It’s funny how our criteria for buying clothes changes as we get older, as our life priorities change, as we get to know ourselves better and have a better understanding of what we actually like and will actually wear. Unless I’m buying something for a specific occasion, I tend to think of Sunday when I’m shopping for clothes. Would I wear this to the farmers market on Sunday? I think I feel like I can dress the most “me” on Sundays, whatever the activity may be.

I think I honestly first saw the bicycle shorts look on Kim Kardashian. I’m actually super into the simple, monochrome-ness that is the Yeezy Collection, but at this moment in time, my budget just doesn’t allow for me to always dress like Kim K. Luckily there are lots of other options to achieve this simple look. And it’s a great “put together but not” look for a Sunday if you ask me.

Inspired by Kim K 9

Inspired by Kim K 12

Bike Shorts (similar here) | Vans Skate Shoes | Plaid Blazer | Black Crop

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

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