New Year's Resolutions Check-In 9

New Year’s Resolutions Check-In


New Year's Resolutions Check-In 10How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Did you forget about them? Can you actually name 2 things you resolved to do this year? If your answer is yes, good for you. If your answer is no, you’re just like most everyone else out there, which is why the success rate for these things is so low. The thing about goals is that you have to check-in with them. You can’t just make a list at the beginning of the year of all the things you would like to accomplish and then just hope that you achieve them.

Don’t worry – I’m right there with you – I didn’t remember what my resolutions were until I revisited my New Year’s blog post. But with us just a few days past the first day of spring, I thought this would be a good opportunity to check-in.

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So here’s my list of things I wanted for myself this year:

1/Take the time to plan better for my blog and all my social channels – I’m getting better at this!
2/Go to bed earlier – definitely hasn’t happened.
3/Know that it’s impossible to always please everyone – I do know this.
4/Be less impulsive about buying clothes – sleep on it before hitting “purchase” – I’ve been doing this, and it’s really helped me make conscious purchases that I truly love.
5/Put my phone down before getting into bed at night – my phone is still the last thing I look at…
6/Actually watch the movies on my ever-growing “watch” list – very slowly doing this.
7/Be easier with myself over the little things – working on it.
8/Be mindful about the use of my time – I have good and bad days for this, but I think we all do.
9/Create more – need to do more.
10/Read more books – I just started “The Year of Magical Thinking!”

It helps to revisit these things every few months; or however often you need to. Every month, or even every week if that’s what helps you!

I’ve started writing all of these things down every few weeks and checking in with myself and strategizing ways I can be better about accomplishing a few that are maybe getting neglected.

How do you keep up with your goals?

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TIP: Have a notebook that you love! Like this one from Blue Sky. In a digital world of notes on our iPhone or even voice notes, there is something grounding about writing things down and having a hard copy of your goals.

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Thanks to Blue Sky for helping me stay organized! Head to their site and personalize your own and start kicking ass on those New Year’s Resolutions, or whatever goals you might have (if you haven’t already).

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