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My Christmas Wishlist

Last year as part of my gift guide, I included a page that was my “ultimate wishlist”, which was things that were fairly unrealistic, but things I’d want to ask for if I could ask for anything. This year I’m going to give you my actual wishlist; things I’ve had in my cart forever, but never pulled the trigger on, or something indulgent that I might not get for myself.

It’s so tempting to just say “please don’t get me anything” – I think a lot of us say this and think we’re making it easier on the people we say it to, but really it just makes it more complicated, and you’re really just setting yourself and other people up to feel bad. Whether it’s for not getting enough, for getting too much, wishing you’d asked for what you really wanted instead of now being stuck with five little things you don’t want, or wishing you’d dug deeper and figured out what your loved ones had really been wishing for.

For years now, my family and I have exchanged lists (usually emails with links) of things we’ve been dreaming of, but might not buy for ourselves. It’s so much better, for the giver as well, to give something the receiver truly wants.

Click the picture for links to buy.

Hopefully this tides you over before my full gift guide comes out! Happy Shopping.

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