Grab Life By The Stirrups? 31

Grab Life By The Stirrups?

Yes, I bought stirrup pants. And I have no regrets. As I stated in this post, or maybe this post…I’m trying to branch out from my usual “just jeans” look. Don’t worry, I’m never very far from my denim, but variety is the spice of life, right? So hello yellow suits, high waist plaid leggings, and…stirrup pants.

I’m still furiously working away on my Gift Guide that is comin atcha SOON!

It seems like we’ve been in holiday mode since Halloween, but before it’s truly in full swing, remember to enjoy the moment with family tomorrow. Getting everyone together comes with it’s own set of stresses, but we’re lucky to be able to all sit in the same room. Gratitude cultivates more things to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours šŸ™‚

Stirrup PantsĀ (similar here and here) // Plaid BlazerĀ (similar here, here,Ā and here) // White BootsĀ (similar here and here)Ā // Gemini NecklaceĀ (similar here)

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

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