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Shamless plug: Today is my birthday.

Thirty. It’s a weird age. But not in the way that I feel “old”, just kind of in the way that in my 20s, it never really occurred to me that I wouldn’t always be in my 20s. So much life happens in that decade. You go through so many versions of yourself, and the perk of being 30 is hopefully you’ve landed on one that you like (for now), or at least eliminated some that you don’t.

I think the weirdest part about growing up and being an “adult” is that no one told us that we never really grow up. I always thought there would be a definitive moment that was like, “Ok, I feel like an adult now.” 18 came and went, and that felt like a big one, but we’re all too big for our britches at that point. 21 came and went, and boy that was a mess. 25 feels like you’re out in the world doing adult things, but still sleeping with your makeup on sometimes.
So does 30 mean I should really feel like I have my life together? I think 30 means you accept you will never really feel like you have your life together; and that, my friends, is maybe the best feeling yet.

Last year I made a list of 29 things I learned in 29 years. This year I made a list of 30 things I know I like/am sure of/that start to happen when you turn 30:

I know I like…
01. Tan feet.
02. Coffee with cream and sugar.
03. Early mornings.
04. Wearing jeans most.
05. Boys who open doors.
06. Margaritas with salt.
07. Day drinking on Sundays.
08. Eggs…with everything.
09. Hot sauce. Lots of hot sauce.
10. The promise of a Monday morning.

What starts to happen when you’re turning 30:
01. You start to accept yourself.
02. You love more.
03. You judge less.
04. You start to actually not say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. (I said start).
05. If you don’t want to do it, you don’t – your time is precious.
06. All of your money starts to go into your nighttime skin regimen.
07. You realize why you should buy the expensive champagne.
08. You realize your mother was right (but that doesn’t mean you need to tell her just yet).
09. You get really good at curing hangovers. (But somehow still don’t learn to avoid them altogether).
10. You eat the damn cake.

I’m sure that…
01. Everyone is far more concerned with what they’re doing to worry about what you’re doing.
02. Family is everything. (Given and chosen).
03. You are only young once.
04. Saying yes is hardly ever a mistake.
05. There are no mistakes; only things we can learn if we choose to.
06. Travel gives you a perspective of the world that can’t be read in a book.
07. You are the only person you can leave in charge of your happiness.
08. Ice cream is the cure to heartache. (Thanks, Dad).
09. Butter helps you live longer.
10. I’m not sure of anything.

Thirty 70

Milly dress // Nude heels // Ippolita hoop earrings

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

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