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One of the biggest bummers (for me) about winter is that my tan goes away. Deep thoughts over here… But seriously. We all have little things that make us feel just a little bit better about ourselves, and for me, a summer glow is one of them. Enter: Rainglow¬†Airbrush Tanning. I was first introduced to them last fall and they had me at hello.

I had never gotten any sort of “spray” tan before, and I was a little hesitant for the typical reasons; Will it be streaky? Will I be orange? No and no. The difference between a spray tan and an airbrush tan is a spray tan is sprayed on by a machine in a booth, and an airbrush tan is sprayed on by a real person. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess which is going to turn out better…

Why not just go to a regular tanning booth? One of the things I appreciate about my generation is that we’re taking steps at a younger age to better our health and well-being. They’ve been telling us FOREVER how damaging UV rays are, and we’re actually starting to listen. Instead of hitting the tanning bed a week before vacation, we’re getting a spray tan before we hit the beach (under our hat and umbrella).
“But I’m not going on a vacation anytime soon,” you’re thinking to yourself. Even more reason to get a little extra glow as a little pick-me-up while we wait for this long winter to end. So head to Rainglow and then go order yourself a margarita. Who needs palm trees?

BONUS: they also do eyelash extensions. So if you really want to feel like a million bucks, they’re your one stop shop.

You can see all their FAQ and tan tips on their website. But through my experience, the biggest thing for preserving your tan is hydrate hydrate hydrate. Winter air is so dry, so make sure you’re drinking enough water, and putting lotion everywhere!

Thanks to Rainglow for partnering on this post.


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