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I’ve never really loved working out. You could actually say that until a few years ago, I hated it. I didn’t enjoy the physical part of it, and honestly, I just got so bored. I’d start walking on the treadmill, or doing the elliptical at the gym, or even lifting weights, and my mind would just wander to any other activity I could be spending my time doing.

When I moved to LA, everyone was talking about studio spin classes. I know what you’re thinking; going from hating working out to going to a spin class is 0 to 100, which it was. But one Saturday morning I signed up and I went, and I had the most fun during a workout I’ve ever had in my life. It’s like a dance on a bike, with low lights, loud music, and a motivational speaker talking to you the whole time.

The icing on the cake was while I was putting my shoes on, Jonah Hill sat down next to me and said hi, and asked if I had ever been before. I said no, and he said, you’ll love it, just make sure you drink a lot of water after, and stretch more than they stretch you at the end of class. I can’t think of anything better to tell a first timer, except maybe just a warning that you’ll sweat more than you ever thought possible. (Jonah, if you’re reading this; I think of you when I’m stretching after literally every class).

I’ve never been in better shape than when I was doing it consistently, and I’ve never truly loved a workout class more. So find a Flywheel in your area (they’re all over the country), and go to a class, you won’t regret it.

Bonus: Download the Flywheel app and track your performance. Calories, class rank. (I burn 700-800 calories per class). You can also book classes through it.

And their Flygear is perfect for the athleisure look that’s still going strong (at least in my book). If you catch me at the grocery store, or Christmas shopping as of late, or at home at my desk, I’m pretty much always in this outfit.

Visit the Flywheel Blog to see new gear every month & visit your nearby studio or email to order!

Duster coat // Leggings w/mesh here and here // Tennis Shoes here and here and here

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

Thanks to Flywheel Sports for partnering on this post.

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