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Since 1897

In Seattle, Filson has always been a household name.  At least in my house. I was always wanting to borrow my dad’s Filson shirts, and it was standard practice to buy him a different style FIlson bag for almost every holiday we could think of.

Originally started in 1897 to clothe the men on their way to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush, only the utmost quality would be acceptable, and that standard still holds true today. You can read their whole birth story here. It’s actually really neat.

I was so excited when they re-vamped their flagship store in SODO, and even more pumped that they started a full line for women. AND to top it all off, they’re opening a store TODAY in my neighborhood of Ballard.

A few Holiday items: (click the photo to be taken to the website)

Favorites from the Women’s Fall Line:

“Unfailing Goods”

SODO Flagship:
1741 1st Avenue S

Ballard Store:
5101 Ballard AVE NW

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