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What’s In My Bag

Ok, so not all of these things currently fit in my bag, but I either have them with me at all times, or I’m using them rather frequently.

Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm – Game-Changer. I’m an Aquaphor addict. Love the stuff, use it on my lips, dry knuckles, you name it. In comes Dr. Rogers, dare I say replacing my Aquaphor tube. Best of all, it’s completely plant based, with no parabens, no petroleum, no fragrance (you get the picture).

LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Mask – I’ve been kind of a mask addict lately. This one is my newest addition and I’m on a mission to collect all the LUSH masks.

S’well Water Bottle – Carrying around a water bottle is the surest way to get your 8 glasses a day, or at least come close. And I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this one’s thermos qualities. The other day I left it full of cold water in my hot car for a couple hours and when I came back, it was the same temperature as when I left it.

Coconut Chips – I’m a snacker. I’m kind of eating at all times, so it’s best if I find healthy things to snack on. (Maybe eating the whole bag in one sitting isn’t healthy, but that’s neither here nor there). If you haven’t tried these, give them a go. I think they might even convert the non-coconut fan.

NARS “Leslie” – the oncoming fall weather means we get to be a little bolder with our makeup choices. I call this my “day red” because it’s not too bright for the daytime, but you can still take it with you into the evening.

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses – Everything is tortoise shell right now. And it goes with your whole wardrobe. And sunglasses are still very necessary in this indian summer we’re having.

Dry Shampoo – My secret weapon to keeping my hair fresh throughout the day is a little travel bottle of this dry shampoo. Even if you’re on first-day hair, sometimes if it needs a little pick-me-up, I’ll add some value with a couple sprays.

La Croix – because who isn’t carrying one of these cans around with them at all times?

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THE bag. – JK. But a girl can dream.

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