It's The Little Things 11

It’s The Little Things

We’re always saying “it’s the little things”. When someone does something small for us, or when eating a sprinkled donut adds a little extra something to our day. Or when we put on a subtle pair of earrings and it totally makes the outfit.

I just spent the long weekend with family in eastern Washington. Labor Day Weekend used to be when my dad’s side of the family all got together and we had “cousin campout”. My dad has property near Ellensburg and everyone would bring their tents and campers and park them in the yard on the river, and we’d have a family reunion of sorts. We go to the parade on Saturday morning, then head to the fair, and then go to the rodeo.

Lives get busy and not everyone can make it, and this year it was just 7 of us, so the weekend was fairly mellow. At some point, my dad always sort of apologizes for the quiet, as we’re all sitting in the living room chit-chatting, drinking our coffee in the morning, or having a beer in the afternoon instead of being on the run going from one activity to the next. But the truth is, those quiet times are the best ones. Activities are great, but there’s something comforting about just being able to hang out with family doing nothing, kind of like you used to when you were growing up, and all living under the same roof.

It’s the little things.

Colby June has the little things covered. From tiny gemstones to hammered metal to dainty on-trend chokers. Their attention to detail and appreciation for “tiny details in nature” as designer Colby June Fulton puts it, are evident in each piece.

Silver Spike Climbers // Warrior Studs

Photos by Alyssa Wilcox

Thanks to Colby June for parterning on this post.

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