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The Clear Choice

I’m going to tell you a sad story…

Last football season, I met a couple of my girlfriends at a bar before a Seahawks game. I put my purse on the counter and my friend said, “I don’t think you can bring that bag into the stadium. I think it’s too big.” I looked online, found some numbers, and decided my bag wasn’t that big and it would be fine. Fast forward, and I had decided I would just take the necessities out and leave the purse with my friend who wasn’t going to the game with us. I forgot.

We waited in line for at least 20 minutes, and finally got to where they were screening people. I got to the last lady before the door, and she said, “Ma’am, you can’t go into the stadium with that bag, it’s too big.” First I tried to argue. I said, “I checked online and the website says this is ok.” She didn’t care. She said, “Well I’m sorry, it’s not.” “So what am I supposed to do?!” She turned her head and eyed the big garbage can right next to me. I didn’t have another option. We had walked so far and waited in line. My house was a 20 minute uber ride. I grabbed the important things and put them in my friend’s bag (that was the appropriate size and see-through), and I threw my purse in the garbage. It was my Rebecca Minkoff Mac bag.

The moral of the story…don’t do what I did! The stadiums (even college stadiums) have so many requirements for bags now. They have to be a certain size and they prefer that they’re see-through. Little Earth has literally everything you could possibly imagine needing for game day, for your favorite home team AND your favorite college team.

Come prepared with the clear envelope bag or the clear waist pack, or so many other options! Check them out, and see the end of the post for a special discount code. GO TEAM

Seahawks Clear Envelope Purse // Grizzlies Clear Waist Pack

Use code Blogger 20 for 20% off your order!

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    September 2, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    Where is the Seahawks shirt from?! 🙂

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      Brittany Streissguth
      September 2, 2016 at 5:07 pm

      I think I got it off Amazon a couple years ago!

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