Blue Steel 9
Seattle Style

Blue Steel

I think this is the first time I’ve sat down at my computer to get work done in week! I had to steal away from moving boxes and organizing the massive piles that are everywhere in my house to catch up on emails and blogs! I know people (myself included) move all the time, but it’s crazy to me that we do it as often as we do for how much stress is involved and all the details that go along with it. Someone told me recently that moving is second in stress level behind experiencing a death. That seems a little extreme, but I’m also inclined to believe it right now…

This dress is another win from Pipe + Row. This wouldn’t normally be a color I would be drawn to, but I loved the tone of the blue. And while we all know I’m more of a black/white clothes kind of gal, I thought these coral pumps would be perfect with it, and lo and behold, I loved the combo. I would also pair some clean white tennis shoes with it too (but what wouldn’t I..).

Just Female Dress from Pipe + Row // Karen Walker Sunglasses // Strappy Coral Heels (similar here and here).

Photos by Elizabeth Kathryn

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