A Love Affair 17
Seattle Style

A Love Affair

Surprise surprise, I’m wearing denim again. We just get along so well, I don’t see why I would get rid of a good thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And once again Moorea Seal to the rescue with this classic, but unique denim dress.

If you’re local in Seattle and you haven’t been into her 3rd Ave store yet, make it a priority. It’s so perfectly curated, and if you love the clothes, you’ll love the home decor and accessories even more. Another Seattle shop I find it hard to walk into and leaving empty handed. Try it, I dare you.

Save 10% on your Moorea Seal order with code PUMPSPLAIDLOVE!

Denim Overall Dress // Bucket Tote // Off the shoulder blouse (also here and here) // Leather Sandal // Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

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