It's Never Too Early 15

It’s Never Too Early

I have always prided my self in being fairly “low maintenance”. Sure, if I’m getting ready to go out on a Friday night there are a few extra steps involved. But in general, I try to keep it to a minimum. The less time it takes, the better.
And then I turned 29.

Somewhere along the line, a switch flipped and now I don’t leave the house without 50 SPF sunscreen on my face and arms. I put eye cream under my concealer, and I don’t go to bed without night cream. (Night cream? I would’ve laughed at the suggestion). But it might have something to do with the line of products I recently became privy to that made me excited to really start taking care of my skin. Better to start early than once its too late.

A little while ago I had the pleasure of sitting and listening to Charlotte Tilbury speak about how she got started as a makeup artist, what inspired her to create her one of a kind line, and the struggles and efforts that have gone into making it perfect. I have not found a product of hers that I don’t absolutely love. And half or more of my routine now consists of her line.

Her Magic Cream was sought out by every celebrity she used it on before it was even in production. Her night cream leaves my skin dewey and refreshed come morning. And her Goddess Skin Clay Mask smells so incredibly good, and makes my skin literally feeling like a baby.

It’s never too early to start setting back the clock! It’s worth it. Even if it adds a few extra steps to your routine. A few of my favorite products so far:

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