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29 Things I’ve Learned In 29 Years

Today is my 29th birthday. Mom always said never ask a woman her age. but I can tell you if I want, right? There has been a lot of life in these 29 years, so to pay homage to that, I thought I’d compile 29 things I’ve learned along the way.

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1. I need people.
2 It’s ok to need people.
3. No date will work out if you don’t have the right attitude about being there.
4. You probably have a picture of what your life will look like at age 29, and it probably won’t look anything like that, and that’s ok. In fact, if it does, you should probably take a few more risks.
5. Wherever you are in life right now is the best possible place you can be.

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6. If you don’t live in the same state as your parents, schedule an hour to Facetime/Skype with them every week. Being “face to face” allows for less forced conversation and more just sitting together, which is just as, if not more valuable.
7. Call your grandparents. Or visit them if you live close.
8. It’s a hard day when you realize your parents are human, but once you get over the shock, it brings a new level of compassion and understanding to your relationship. Don’t be so hard on them.
9. You only need to make room in your life for the people you truly truly want to. Life is far too short and your energy is much too valuable to compromise on that.
10. There is no word that carries enough weight for the people in your life who know you well and love you anyway.
11. Friends are the family we choose, and remember that they chose you too. Treasure them for that.
12. Trying to make sense of why people do what they do is most always futile. Acceptance doesn’t require understanding.
13. Forgiving someone else is the best thing you can do for yourself.
14. It’s never too late to start the day over.
15. It’s never too late to start your life over.

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16. The only real beauty in life is in the mundane. If you can’t appreciate the little things, the big things will never be big enough.
17. You’ll most likely have had at least one relationship by now that wasn’t good for you, but is the hardest to let go of. If you let it, it will teach you more about yourself than almost anything up until this point. Your guard will go up. Don’t let it stay there.
18. Live in a city you weren’t born in, and didn’t go to college in for at least a year.
19. Never underestimate the power of just throwing on some lipstick, putting on your sunglasses, and walking out the door.
20. Eat well to look good, work out to feel good. Find a workout you can truly look forward to, even more for the sake of your mental health. Your physical health will be a bonus.
21. Have at least one dress in your closet you feel amazing in that you can throw on for that date, or wear to that wedding.

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22. Be an active participant in your relationships. Just reaching out and telling someone you’re thinking about them goes a long way.
23. Relish in the uncomfortable, and get to know yourself well enough to get yourself out of it.
24. Figuring out how to get through the bad days is important, but so is negative emotion. Feelings are what make us human. Don’t push them aside, push through them.
25. Remember that you’ve gotten through every bad day thus far.
26. Smile at strangers.
27. We’re all just trying to get through the day – be easy with people.
28. Be easy with yourself.
29. Nothing is certain, but there is so much power in just making decisions. There is no wrong one, just a different path.
BONUS: There is still so much to learn.

29 Things I've Learned In 29 Years 22

Happy Birthday to me.

Photos by Tiarra Sorte
Hair by Sorrida Salon

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