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Internet Inspo No.7

Well, we survived the heat wave in Seattle this week. (Everyone in LA is shaking their heads.) But I don’t care where you are, 90 degrees is hot. And I still don’t have air conditioning, much like in LA. But my new go-to iced matcha latte saved me on a couple occasions!

Today is more of a roundup of what was on the blog this week. Although I’ve decided to try my hand at making my own almond milk, and I found this recipe I’m super excited to try.
I channeled my inner Cher Horowitz with this corduroy skirt, because let’s be honest, it’s always a good time to bring the 90’s back.

And I know everyone is sick of me talking about the new Jujubeet Cafe in Bellevue, but I really only go on and on about things I really truly love. So just read my write-up on their new space, and go get yourself a carrot zinger juice and some cashew cheese so we can obsess over it together.

And of course, yesterday we lost a legend. I wasn’t a die-hard Prince fan, but I appreciated what he did for the music industry, and what he did for people. He was a true individual and that, no matter what that means, should be celebrated.

“Yeah everybody’s got a bomb, we could all die any day. But before I’ll let that happen, I’ll dance my life away.”

— Prince


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